Cloud is  an important driver for innovative companies. Is your current IT organized in a way to closely collaborate with the business and handle the challenges of cloud? A Digital Transformation carries large scale changes in organization and technology. The success or failure of this transformation is largely determined by good alignment between the business and IT (internal and / or external) and process maturity.  

Digital Transformation carries large scale changes in organization and technology. 

It is imperative to have a clear idea of the IT value chain and an Operating Model to underpin it. It is useless to have discussions with demand parties or suppliers about the effectiveness of the collaboration without it.

Cloud and agile require a different implementation of governance. Self-steering teams and highly elastic resources enable increased organizational speed and innovation but they do not benefit from restrictive controls. That’s why we suggest a Cloud specific Target Operating Model (combined with 3 governance processes to ensure the proper checks and balances are in place). A Target Operating Model reflects the strategic choices an organization makes to achieve its goals. With a Target Operating Model you can make clear what the organization should look like and how it should function.

Managing external parties and services is an important added value activity. We are not suggesting you shouldn’t have an operating model in place, you probably have. But it is not getting things done or you would not be here, right? Right. So let’s assume that the business has organized itself around value streams and now you are trying to align your IT organisation to a changing demand organization. Or, changes have been made to the delivery side and you have to interface with an (different) outside supplier. All good reasons to start desiging a Future Mode of Operations to give direction to the IT organization and aid in decision-making. A model that ensures adequate involvement of the business during  the transition.

The Target Operating Model at the heart of our Cloud Governance framework is centered around a Cloud Team (named the Cloud Center of Expertise). It describes the contact points between Cloud IT and the Demand and Delivery parties at both ends of the IT value chain. And defines the interaction between roles, with other processes and the use of technology.

Use a Target Operating Model to achieve your organizations goals. Make it an enabler for self-managing or DevOps teams. Seize the opportunity to use it as a communication tool for the Digital Transformation. 

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