In our target Operating Model we have identified a multitude of processes and tasks that need adjustment, updating or a even redesign. The creation or alteration of these processes should be guided by a trinity of questions, provided to us by The Open Group. These questions are; “Are we doing the right things?”, ” Are we doing them the right way?” and “How do we know?”.  

Because The Open Group are out to help us in our progress they have accompanied the 3 questions with 3 governance processes;  

  • Communication 
  • Compliance 
  • Dispensation 

We will use these processes to give answer to our governance questions and to ensure the proper checks and balances for our processes are in place. The big idea is to pair the governance processes to those of the Target Operating Model.  

Pair the governance processes to the Target Operating Model.

The governance communication process provides information about methods, IT policies, process RACI, standards, Cloud Reference Architecture, etc.. With the implementation of new roles, the transition to digital and changes to our target operating model it is imperative to keep people informed. In the real world the form of communication could look like a wiki, a guild meeting, a pizza session or someone from the Cloud Center of Expertise joining a Sprint planning. For more suggestions see Knowledge Exchange. 

Conversely, any updated methods, repositories, designs and standards during the process are synchronized and shared.

The governance compliance process carries out a specific compliance checkpoint review. Understand that we are talking about compliance to the process and methods. Consider using existing process reviews or measuring moments to check up on compliance to Cloud Governance.  CHECK<< nog even toelichten>>

The dispensation process has the authority to grant exceptions as appropriate when it finds that a current policy is running counter to core principles and goals due to requirements that had not been anticipated when the policies were originally decided upon. For instance when a cloud reference architecture does not provide for certain functionality it should be able to request an addition or alteration. Design for an accessible and open dispensation process. Try to avoid a rigid principle like a monthly Architecture Board. Maybe have your cloud architects join Sprint plannings and product Demo’s. The SAFe framework anticipates these requests in the Architectural Runway process

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