"Cloud as an enabler for becoming a Modern Enterprise"

An organization’s IT Strategy should be highly aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization and the ICT Vision. As no organization will have the strategic objective ‘to provide cloud services to the business’ (unless you are Amazon Web Services or Google) an IT Strategy is usually an element of the Digital Strategy. The Digital Strategy sets goals for transformation of business activities in such a way that the organization is able to act upon emerging business trends or new business models. The goal is to radically redesign a process in such a way that the organization can gain a competitive advantage. This usually involves the use of technology components such as Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Blockchain, etc. This is where Cloud comes into to the play; it is no coincidence that this technology is best consumed ‘as-a-service’ from the cloud. Hence the IT Strategy and the underlying Cloud Strategy are usually derived from the Digital Strategy.

Mapping the relation between IT Strategy and strategic business goals.

Understanding how IT capabilities and activities contribute to the strategic business goals is vital to the success of the IT Strategy. An organization that pursues an Operational Excellence model will have different IT needs than an organization that is based on Product Leadership. Determining what these strategic objectives are and how IT and Cloud can contribute is an essential step in realizing this strategy. Research has showed that 95% of employees are not aware of the strategic objectives of their organization. A good way to improve the strategy awareness is by using a strategy visualization tool like a Strategy Map (Kaplan & Norton). A Strategy Map is a method to map the relations between resources and strategic objectives and at the same time facilitate communication about the strategic objectives. Research by Kaplan & Norton showed that a Strategy Map significantly contributes to the goal orientation and focus in realizing the strategic objectives. 

A Strategy Map can be used as a visual representation and summary of the IT Strategy. It is used as a mean of communication to the entire organization. By using a Strategy Map to map the relations between strategic objectives and IT capabilities the IT Strategy significantly contributes to realizing the organizations strategic objectives.

Checklist for a Strategy Map

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