Architecture Functions

When designing architecture for multiple teams across multiple value streams results in smaller pieces of architecture, often called architecture patterns. Chunks of lightweight design that match a specific usecase and are related to practical items such as configuration blueprints or deployment scripts. Another good example are validated security baselines for services.  

A dispensation request is a trigger for architecture maintenance.

Anticipating rapid development and innovation from these teams and therefore lots of architecture requests, we provide teams with a dispensation process. We want to facilitate these changes and not get left behind as an IT organization. 

A dispensation request is a trigger for maintaining a reference architecture but more importantly; multiple request should trigger the responsible role(s) to review the reference architecture in order to test and verify its sustained suitability.

The aim of this process is reduce technical and governance debt. The Reference Architecture is used by self-organizing teams as a technical guide. The importance of offering up-to-date information is self-explanatory. Consider using tools like bitbucket or github with an associated wiki to maintain and publish reference architectures and show the relation between architectures and items such as blueprints, scripts or security baselines. 

The CCoE is responsible for the cloud architecture and the tooling designs associated with cloud. Working in close cooperation with development teams the rate of change can be high and regular updates of the documentation is very necessary. 

Consider using tools like bitbucket or github.

Process or Activity

Maintaining Reference Architectures to reflect dispensation requests. Anticipate faulty or outdated design and/or changing needs in functionality. 

Demarcation of Responsibilities

  • Enterprise Architecture is responsible for setting up Reference Architectures at EA level. 
  • Cloud Architect is responsible for compiling/collecting Reference Architectures at cloud platform level.
  • Software Architect is responsible for drafting Software Reference Architectures. 

To Do List

  • Designation of central repository.
  • Bring together existing Reference Architectures.
  • Supplement Reference Architectures where needed.

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