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Where technology is used, support is needed, which also is applicable for cloud usage. How do we connect cloud users within our organization to vendor support, because not all cloud providers offer a (live) helpdesk anymore. This means that users have to be more savvy in finding help. Either for Incidents, Changes or Information requests. Furthermore, generic support helpdesks in some cases cannot route an incident to a cloud provider. This means one is left to find solutions in Online Help pages, FAQ’s, Community Forums or within the organization (internal or through an MSP).

Users have to be more savvy in finding support.

A considerable component is informing end-users of the changes in this process. They will have more self-control but also more responsibilities. In some cases we have traded in the extended support and customizability of our on-site or custom services for quicker turn-around times, high-speed feature release cycles and/or cost savings.

The main governance concern for this process is alignment. When selecting a cloud provider support routes should be taken into account and adhere to the requirements of the business (or be otherwise explicitly agreed to).

(Larger) Providers of (Enterprise-like) Cloud services offer support packages in different flavors. Understanding which option goes with a specific application is something the CCoE can help with. However, contracting or activating the correct support level is not per se the responsibility of the CCoE and should therefore be the subject of discussion and implementation. 

NOTE: The CCoE should not be part of the support-line or participate in incident reponse.

The CCoE should not be part of the support-line.

Process or Activity

Identify the need for support. To standardize access to multi-level support. Communicate support routes and train super users.

Demarcation of Responsibilities

  • Service manager is responsible for Supplier Management and quality assurance of vendor support. 

  • DevOps teams make contact with IAAS provider themselves in case they need support.

  • Demand Management of cloud services is not the responsibility of the CCoE.

To Do List

  • Select the desired Support Plan per account and determine whether it is flexible or fixed.

  • Inventory of existing vendors, evaluate and if necessary adapt service contracts.

  • Inform teams about vendor support details

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