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Every organization is required to control its finances in order to guarantee its continuity.

Understanding the impact of cloud on Financial Management and how to optimize cost in the cloud is explained here. However because of the high importance of data as an enabler and trigger for the aforementioned processes we have given this subject its own spotlight.  

Arrange monthly show back of cloud charges to match expectations with reality.

Even if an organization is not mature yet on its cloud adoption, budgets and expectations around cloud spend should be managed. Therefore it is useful to arrange a periodic showback which provides real time insights in cloud expenses. Additionally, created reports, based on the showback, can be implemented in the general financial management processes in order to manage and forecast cloud expenses. By applying proper tagging of cloud resources a break down of the reports can be generated in a multitude of ways.

Financial reporting and forecasting from a governance perspective will function as a trigger for other processes around financial management and alignment of costand therefore provides business stakeholders insights on cloud expenses and forecasts.

The CCoE helps with designing, selecting and configuring reporting tools or alternatively design and configure vendor reporting methods.

Process or Activity

The CCoE will support with setting up requirements, validating designs and assist the acquisition of a financial reporting solution.  

Demarcation of Responsibilities

  • Portfolio Manager is ultimately responsible for P&L of the services. 

  • CCoE supports the business through tooling and reports. 

To Do List

  • Tool selection for cost optimization & reporting tooling.

  • Tooling implementation.

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