Architecture Functions

In medium to large organization it is of great importance to make sure our teams are working within the chosen standards and designs and adhere to the parameters of risk management, security, IT spending, etc. that have been defined in line with external and internal requirements.

Connect teams with the enterprise’s higher purpose.

Most of the time there is a triumvirate of Enterprise Architect, Cloud Architect and Software Architect (the last one sometimes represented as a Domain or Solution Architect). Domain or Solution Architects have a working knowledge of demands and wishes from the teams and (indirectly) the business. They connect teams with the enterprise’s higher purpose. These Domain architects are supported by Cloud Architects who design for Cloud. Enterprise Architecture offers the larger framework to work within.  

The aim of this process is to r
educe technical and governance debt and to provide coordination when looking ahead to future releases.  Debts occur because the different architectures have a different rate of change. They evolve at different speeds. Changes need to be shared and discussed periodically to avoid running out of sync.  

Coordination around future releases is useful to spot dependencies and plan ahead. A good example of this is value stream coordination as decribed by the 
SAFe framework

Coordination around future releases is useful to spot dependencies and plan ahead.

Process or Activity

Reference Architecture Maintenance refers to all the activities needed to keep the different levels of design consistent in order to reduce technical and governance debt. Most likely this will be a periodic meeting but preferably this could also take a more dynamic form and for instance architects will attend a sprint planning when relevant. 

Demarcation of Responsibilities

  • Enterprise Architect is accountable for validated designs.
  • Cloud Architect is accountable for cloud architecture. 

To Do List

  • (Re-)Design the process.
  • Cloud Architect to join the (EA) architecture board.
  • Setup Tech Council with EA, CCoE and Devops representatives.

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