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Continuous Improvement

It’s very easy to just go through the motions. Doing the work because that is what is expected. Everything we do should ultimately contribute to the goals we have set as an organization. By asking ourselves if what we do really contributes and is in line with how we want to do things, we can stay connected with our mission and make meaningful contributions that help us stay in improvement and innovation mode.

Stay connected with your mission and make meaningful contributions.

Of course the main objective of governance is to achieve our company goals. The cloud governance communication process is important in conveying that information, but also in collecting information. We can use feedback from that process as input for continuous improvement.

In our Target Operating Model there are multiple activities and processes to ensure continuous improvement is embedded such as: maintaining Service Catalog integrity and resource utilization optimization.  

Additional activities for the CCoE should include making sure the Service lifecycle is completed. By this we mean making sure that unused or obsolete cloud services are properly decommissioned. Another activity is confirming currency of cloud services.

Strictly relevant services means: 

  • No unnecessary cost. 
  • Reduced attack surface. 
  • Administrative ease. 

Demarcation of Responsibilities

  • Every stakeholder must adapt the mindset of continuous improvement within the scope of his or her responsibilities. 

To Do List

  • Determine incentives to stimulate continuous improvement.

  • Determine work structures that enable teams to actually  spend time on it.

  • Ensure that the business is informed of latest developments.

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