Cloud Leadership Team

Introducing cloud technology affects almost the entire organisation and implies a fundamental change in the way of working. A fundamental change in the way of working requires an explicit organisational change in management at the leadership level. Therefore, one of the critical factors for successful cloud transformation is setting up a cloud Leadership Team alongside the Cloud Centre of Expertise.

The responsibilities of the Cloud Leadership Team

The Cloud Leadership Team ensures effective governance so the organisation can easily adopt and accelerate cloud use across the business. This is accomplished by strongly aligning organisational leaders within the CLT. Together, the leaders and teams provide executive sponsorship for the Cloud Centre of Expertise.

The Cloud Leadership Team gives guidance on the best transformation approach, oversees the adoption of cloud at scale and alleviates any risks that arise in the process.

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Who should be in the Cloud Leadership Team?

Choosing the members of the Cloud Leadership Teams requires careful consideration. Given the specific organisational context, the most important perspectives need to be established in the CLT by members with authority. The skills and mindset of the members are just as important. Being able to adjust to different leadership styles, and willing to grow and learn about key cloud differentiators are key member requirements that will contribute to a successful cloud journey.

A Cloud Transformation Leader usually leads and chairs the Cloud Leadership Team. Typical roles represented in the Cloud Leadership Team are:

  • The CTO
  • The head of development
  • The head of operations
  • The head of architecture
  • Business leads
  • The CISO