About Us

Weolcan helps organisations to deploy cloud strategically. This way, your cloud migration won’t become an expensive goal, but a means to become an agile, data-driven organisation. Our experts support you on a technical and process level and help you spread cloud expertise throughout all departments. As a result, your cloud strategy reaches all layers of the organisation, leading to true innovation.

Weolcan is not the only cloud consultancy agency out there. We are, however, thought leaders in our field. Our in-depth knowledge of cloud and the experience of our experts makes us the ideal partner to kickstart your cloud transformation.

WCGF: how did we get here?

We have combined our knowledge and experience in implementing cloud governance and started documenting it. What began as an internal knowledge repository resulted in an extensive framework for successful implementation. Continuously improving the framework is a daily routine within Weolcan.

Why is the WCGF content free?

We aim to make the WCGF the standard for every organisation with the ambition to transition to a digital enterprise. That is why all content on this website is free to use. This way, we make sure that as many companies as possible can benefit from the framework and make their cloud migration faster, more efficient and more successful.

Our take on cloud

Cloud migration is a focal point of many IT departments around the globe. And it should be! After all, cloud technology helps you to become the aspired ‘agile’ digital enterprise. Yet, your organisation's digital success does not depend on technology alone. Your people's knowledge and the design of your processes also heavily impact the outcome. In the WCGF framework, Weolcan focuses on all three so that cloud becomes a means to achieve your strategic goals.

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