Weolcan Cloud Governance Framework 2.0

The Weolcan Cloud Governance Framework (WCGF) is a set of activities, processes and concepts. Prepare, facilitate and sustain the transition to the cloud according to your strategic objectives with five focus areas.

Why use this framework?

The WCGF is here to use as a navigation tool throughout your organisation’s cloud journey. It is a reference framework which helps you select the appropriate set of activities, processes and concepts necessary to reach your aspired level of cloud maturity.
How to get started?
Start with priority setting and perform initial implementations for each prioritised building block. You do so by addressing the process, equipping the people with knowledge and selecting supporting tools. Start small, revisit priorities regularly and adapt the pace if necessary.


The categories cover all aspects of cloud transformation and are equally important in accomplishing the journey. Each category consists of multiple capabilities.


Capabilities represent what an organisation should be capable of to master the journey. The objective of each capability describes the ultimate outcome to be realised by implementing building blocks.

building blocks

A building block covers a cohesive work package enabling organisations to build capabilities. Each building block starts with an objective, followed by a detailed description of its content, leading to a set of initial and recurring activities.

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